Log critical error is treated as error

I am doing some custom log formatting and I noticed that Logger.critical messages are treated as errors. I see now from docs Logger — Logger v1.12.3
“This is reported as “error” in Elixir’s logger backends for backwards compatibility reasons.”

So for text logs, I always see [error] in the “critical” messages so I cannot test that a critical message was logged.

For production we are formatting logs as JSON and pushing to Cloudwatch and we convert the level to a number something like syslogs, like this:

:critical -> 2
:error -> 3
:warn -> 4

I noticed that in the format/5 function Logger.Formatter — Logger v1.12.3 the level is returned as :error for critical messages.

Is there a way to assert on the log level and see the :critical level?

Thanks for informations!

It will happen in Elixir 1.13 - Emit notice logs in :console backend by riccardomanfrin · Pull Request #11304 · elixir-lang/elixir · GitHub