Logflare Logger Backend

Anyone interested in another logging thing?

I’ve been building out Logflare with Elixir, which has been great. Initially for Cloudflare customers via the Cloudflare app, but doing this made me want a bit more out of the Elixir logging ecosystem.

Announcing the Logflare Logger backend!

You can easily pump your structured (or not) Elixir logs to Logflare, which then automatically get inserted into a BigQuery table you can query and own directly.

We’ve been using it on production ourselves for a few weeks now. Here is a dashboard I’m using (we need to upgrade our box soon actually).

The whole idea really is that you should log structured data, and you should be able to log liberally into an inexpensive datastore that you can query over the long term. So essentially Logflare is just a fancy queue into BigQuery. Ultimately we should be able to do this a lot cheaper than your standard ELK based log management system because we’re not going to be marketing up the storage at all and BigQuery is way cheaper than Elastic. You Bring Your Own Backend™, and just pay Logflare to get the data there.

I don’t really want to get into the whole logs vs metrics debate because everything breaks at some scale and it’s always good to use the right tool for the job, but I think 95% of apps could just log structured events to a database instead of using statsd-like things. This gets you a ton of benefits over a timeseries db. Honeycomb.io, for example, is also pushing event-based metrics over a statd-like system.

I also am not saying telemetry is bad, because it’s awesome and I think Elixir needs standardized monitoring hooks. We actually hope to have a telemetry backend soon. It’s more the underlying storage I have an issue with, which is also why we ultimately want you to be able to use other databases than BigQuery (eventually).

Anyways, would love some feedback on this whole thing. Our Cloudflare users seem to really like it, and I’m hoping the Elixir community will too.

ps: None of this would even be possible without everything that Elixir/Phoenix is. I’ve been in the software business for over 10 years and I haven’t been this excited about something in a very long time.

pps: We should have LiveView based search done next week: