LoneStar Elixir 2019 - anyone go?

What were your highlights? :smiley:

Here are some photos taken by Ivy Markwell: http://ivymarkwell.com/photography/lonestar-elixir :slight_smile:

And some related posts (about LiveView!):





I was there. This was the most exciting and entertaining talk, IMHO


Hastega looks awesome! I’ve noticed that more and more hosting companies are offering dedicated servers with GPUs now, so this could be really fantastic for us!

Can’t wait to watch the talk and see Hastega’s first release :003:


I agree Hastega was the best presentation and has the potential for tremendous performance improvement - especially if it could somehow just automagically be implemented into the language.

I also enjoyed hearing @bitwalker talk about his Cadre project - which is an entire distributed runtime and simulation test suite that appears to be the next iteration of his Swarm project.


Hastega looks awesome. Towards the end of that deck it also mentions a soon-to-be-released library called Esuna.

Esuna: A Data Science Platform built on Phoenix, enabling you to convert and aggregate data with GUI. It’s same to data manipulation as Python’s pandas. What will happen if Esuna meets Hastega…!!!

I would LOVE an Elixir equivalent of pandas. A simple GUI would probably be a bonus for distribution…


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Thank you for your impression!

We’ve implemented two layered neural-network in Elixir, and conducted performance evaluation of it with/without prototype of Hastega.

I’m regretful for the results of the performance evaluation because it hasn’t satisfied us, yet.

Current implementation optimize only vector calculation. Thus, there is the overhead of the invocations and data transfer.

I think it is required to optimize whole calculation of a perceptron using Hastega, at least.


Thank you for your introduction!

Video is here:

Have a fun!


Thank you for your interest in Esuna.

I built data manipuration library for Esuna like a Python’s pandas.
This library is independent from Esuna.
Your projects can be use this without Esuna.

However, the Esuna GUI generates data manipulation Elixir codes that constructed by this library.

Generated Elixir codes are runnable mixed with your Elixir codes.

Therefore, you don’t need coding, GUI will implement it instead.


I’d agree with this. I loved this talk! This was my first Elixir conference and I found it an interesting change. Coming from game-developer land with GDC, the PAXes and PyCon, it was very intimate and very welcoming. Even as an outsider without much experience in the language, everyone was very willing to talk and offer advice.

I also quite enjoyed Greg’s talk (Ecto without a Database, I believe) and had the pleasure of sitting with him and his co-workers at their table for both session days. Overall, the conference was great for me and I hope I’m able to go to Colorado later in the year.