Looking for a Freelance Elixir/Phoenix Developer for a social network

Hey folks,
we - a team of 2 developers and an economist - would like to find a freelance elixir/phoenix developer for helping us with the “last talks” to get our platform ready to beta launch.

We have put much effort into the site, but would like to have an elixir dev with more experience than us (we are coming from an object oriented background) together taking a look at our project and having you to get the last - but important - functions into the project to make it work as a whole.

On a freelance basis where we would talk about a price that is fitting the jobs size.

About us

My name: Franz
My position: “CEO”
Company name: FT Technologies
Website: -
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc): As LiveView was announced we digged deep into Phoenix and decided to use it as our projects heart.

About the job

Job title: Freelance Elixir/Phoenix/LiveView Developer

Job description: Helping us in adding the last nuances to our project - for example a payment gateway.

Salary range: I can’t give a range, I would be happy to hear some freelance-per-hour prices that fit you and your experience

Position on remote work: yes

Qualifications or experience required:

Elixir and Phoenix experience should 3+ years minimum and you should be actively using Phoenix LiveView as our project is using it actively

What the successful job applicant will be working on: as the most important task: building a payment gateway into our project. The payment gateway should be scalable to use and should combine different payment methods… PayPal is a must, Klarna would be nice - it could also stripe be used.

The gateway should be built professionally so it could serve other projects too.

Other tasks can be found when looking over the project.

About the interview process

We would like to have a first “Teams” (or Skype etc.) meeting with you telling us about yourself and then taking a look at the project to see if we fit.

Please describe your interview process.

Further info

We would love to find you, a freelancer, that is passionate about LiveView and Elixir in common, because we can maybe learn from you and also - when the project will be launched - we probably will regularly need an Elixir Expert. :slight_smile:

Please add any further info and how you’d like to be contacted here.

You can contact me via email:
Or on this forum here.

Please attach a kind of “what I have done with elixir/phoenix/liveview and how much experience you have with it.

Many Greets from Germany,


Is this a full time role, or can it be part time too?