Looking for a freelancer in Toulouse, France to join us for a part-time contract spanning february to april 2020

We are four freelancers teaming up under the name of “Documents”, working among other things on graphic design automation pipelines for various clients. This isn’t visible on our website, but we develop internal applications to make our clients autonomous with our graphic design work when asked.

About us

My name: Lucas Sifoni
My position: Developer
Company name: Documents
Website: https://documents.design
Country: France
City: Toulouse
Company info and history : We started using Elixir last year after five years in PHP backends and a leap year trying different languages to choose the technologies we’d use for the future. We since then successfully developed a medium to large website integrating many third-party vendors with Elixir. We’d really like to use Elixir for upcoming work, and meet freelancers that could work with us at times.

About the contract

  • Job title : Freelance Elixir + basic front-end developer
  • Job description : Develop a simple website that fetches its data from a custom CRM / ERP that we built for a client of ours through its public API. This is a short contract, I’d estimate ten to fifteen work days.
  • Salary range : we’ll determine it depending on how the work charge is balanced between you and us, the time you think you’ll need for the project, and your rates.
  • Position on remote work : meetings with us in Toulouse would be necessary, otherwise you’d be free to work where you’d like (or sometimes on-site if you’d like).
  • Qualifications or experience required : experience with Phoenix and basic front-end skills. Knowing a bit of Vue.js would be nice, but there are very few dynamic front-end views on this project so that’s not a hard requirement. The website is already wireframed and is aesthetically and functionnally simple.

About the interview process

We’d like to give you more details on the project either by phone or E-mail, then welcome you to meet us at our small office to see if we fit for this project.

Further info

You can contact us in French or English at the e-mail address : programmation [at] documents [dot] design

Have a nice day,

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Position has been filled :slight_smile: