Looking for a Junior Developer in Australia. Remote or Office based

Introductory paragraph

Hi everyone, I’m looking for a junior dev in Australia to work with me at Yellowcake media. We run itallcounts.org where we help charities around the world find donors and also use similar technology to help businesses find quality customers.

About us

My name: Shawn O’Neill
My position: Co-founder/CTO
Company name: Yellowcake Media
Website: www.yellowcakemedia.com and www.itallcounts.org
Country: Australia
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc): We started over a year ago when 3 related businesses joined together to create a new business and have been growing rapidly since. I’ve been using Elixir for a number of years now and have built all our internal platforms using it.

About the job

Job title: Junior Developer

Job description: Starting off you’ll be working with myself to fix bugs and implement small features but as you gain experience there will be opportunities to run your own projects.

Salary range: $55k+Super (AUD)

Position on remote work: Remote available but we also have offices in Brookvale(Sydney), Gosford, and Coffs harbour if you prefer working in an office or possibly want a sea change.

Qualifications or experience required:
You should have experience working with Elixir and Phoenix. This is a junior role so no professional experience required. You also aren’t expected to be an expert, there will be time given for improving your elixir skills.

What the successful job applicant will be working on:
You’ll be working on our lead generation platform which involves a bunch of different activities including form generation, 3rd party communication(Clients and visitors), and reporting.

About the interview process

Initial phone call with myself, we will chat about your interests, history, and plans. Then if all is good we’ll pay you to work with me on a small project to see how we work together. Depending on your location/schedule we may also do an in person interview similar to the phone one but face to face.

Further info

I’ll be at Elixir Melbourne August 21st and I’ll be at Elixir Sydney September 4th if you want to chat in person. If you have any questions you can message me on here, email me at shawn@yellowcakemedia.com or message me on twitter(@shawnonthenet). If you are interested in applying email me over your CV and cover letter.


The kind of job I’d like to get if I was 10+ years younger :slight_smile:


Heh, mid developer here with ~3 years of experience. There are not that much remote Elixir job offers and those I found were mostly for senior developers. Last time it’s the only area in which I’m so unlucky. :smile:

Some time ago I have worked for someone in Australia. In first messages employer described me that such offer uses AUD (Australian Dollars) instead of USD (US Dollars). I believe that it may be worth to precise it as people outside Australia may be confused. I’m also not sure what “Super” means, but honestly 55k (assuming USD) does not look bad for me (I’m in small city, so I have small monthly costs).

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Is this job only for people in Australia? Because I’d really really like to take this offer up but unfortunately I’m not based in that part of the world.

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We’re building out the team but I want to take my time to ensure we get it right but we’ll be looking for non-junior devs in the future and probably international as well so I’ll keep you in mind for sure.

Yes it is AUD, thank you for pointing that out I’ve added that in above. Super is retirement savings contribution of 9.5% of your salary that we have in Australia. So you would get $55k income + a bit over $5k extra each year into an investment account.


Thank you for your interest. Right now for this role we’re only looking in Australia but that will probably change in the future as we grow the team.

Position has now been filled