Looking for a new language to a new project, maybe Elixir is the right answer?

Go is my main language, but I’m really looking into learning something new. The two languages on my radar are Elixir and Rust.

I really like the error handling from Go, Elixir, and Rust. Sure, they handle different, but, in the end, it’s the same, no exception.

The thing is, this new project is a messaging system to deliver notifications to clients. But, I’m looking for more than this, maybe a new job using this tech, this would be nice too.

I know that I’m on an Elixir forum, but what you guys think of Rust? Does it make easier to develop and maintain the project as it is a compiled language? Also, it can do concurrency very well without being a functional language because of the borrow checker. So is a win win going with Rust?

Rust is awesome, it integrates fantastically with Elixir/Erlang/BEAM, and it’s parallel and concurrency libraries are top notch, it even has an Actor style library (Actix). However it, like most compiled languages, don’t support hot-code swapping without a significant amount of work and prior design as well as supporting distributed work is more difficult, plus it still has a building ecosystem.

I’m quite a fan of Rust though, it’s build times definitely need some work though. :slight_smile:

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