Looking for an elixir client or wrapper for erlang client for CRATEDB

I would like to use CRATEDB
There is an erlang client.
Has anyone done work on an elixir client ?


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You should be able to use the Erlang client from elixir with no issues. Have you tried it yet? If so, what issues did you experience that an elixir wrapper might solve?

I ask because most of the time it’s better to not split the efforts of developers, and all contribute to the same codebase. Erlang libs are fairly easy to use from Elixir, so you shouldn’t need to only work with elixir libraries.

The Erlang client shows a last commit in December 2015; either it’s perfect or it’s deceased.

The documentation mentions Crate is wire-compatible with Postgres; maybe try pointing Postgrex at it and see what happens?

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