Looking for an open source project that needs a pair of hands


I would like to help while learning new things on an open source project.
I have some free time on Friday, so would be great to use it on helping the Elixir community :muscle:

Do you know some active projects that would like to have some help?
Not searching for an specific topic, just having a great time and improving my Elixir skills on the way.

Thanks! :smiley:


Hi @xlive !

What about the following:

This of course excludes projects that are not on Github (such as Pleroma for example) but this can be a great starting point. If you see something in Gitlab (or anywhere else), do you mind posting your findings here? Thanks!

And good luck!

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I guess here is a good candidate

Many thanks!

I think I have now some projects to look at :wink:

Let’s contribute :muscle:

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