Looking for an open source project to contribute to

Hi there!

I’m a software developer with professional experience in JS, React, Python, Django, Ruby, Rails, MySQL, Docker/DevOps and I also dabbled with Rust, Haskell, Go, Scheme, Java, C/C++ and others.

I started doing Elixir on the side for fun, built a couple of applications with Phoenix and I’m really enjoying it so far. However, I did not have the opportunity to work on high impact projects.

I’m looking for interesting open source projects I could contribute to. Any idea or people looking for contributors?

Also I’ll be at Lambda Days in Krakow, Poland next week if any of you is attending. The FP/OTP calling is strong!

Thank you!


Hey Felix, it’s great to see you enjoying Elixir and Phoenix :023:

Re ideas, check out this thread:


Awesome thanks, that is full of great ideas! I think I actually work for the same company as joshnuss who’s working on commerce_billing, although I never met him. The world is small…


If you try out Drab and find it interesting I think it’s a great place to contribute. It’s not the biggest and most popular project, but it’s great! It’s likely ripe for work as well as @grych is essentially working alone on it. I’m going to try and make some time between main work and side work in order to contribute more myself. I got a taste for it when I picked some low-hanging fruit a while ago and I just haven’t had time to sit down and find more spots.


Hi @felix-d.

I’ll happily put my project Raxx forward. It is a web toolkit in the vein of Sinatra in Ruby of Flask in Python. I hope it fills a niche for those whole don’t need all the overhead brought by phoenix. Certainly if you have enjoyed Sinatra/Flask check it out. We have a #raxx channel on slack if you want to find out what’s currently happening


Hi @felix-d,
Drab’s daddy here. You are very welcome to contribute, this project really may use some help :slight_smile: I am working on this only on my spare time, so there is a lot of stuff to develop and improve.

Don’t worry if you find it complicated. Some parts are, but you can always start with the easier stuff, the get deeper and help refactor the core code. I could suggest few areas to work with:

  • Documentation: Drab is the software for developers, so documentation is at least the same important as the code. It needs review, clarification. There are for sure many parts which are understandable for me, but not for others. Also, starting with docs would let you learn how Drab works

  • Tutorial and examples: there is a page, https://tg.pl/drab, with few examples. It also could be improved, more interesting examples added. José suggested creating the example app with multiple chat rooms where a user can see the contents in one but not in another - I think it is a good idea, but I never had time to do it.

  • Drab.Modal is the module to display bootstap modal window and wait for an answer. I find it very useful when you want to ask user about something. See few examples here: https://tg.pl/drab/docs#modal.
    Unfortunately, this library depends on jQuery and bootstrap, so its usage is limited. The goal is to get rid both jQuery and bootstrap, make it independent (but allow user to provide own CSS or even own CSS+HTML), but keep the existing API.

  • Testing framework: now there is no way to test your commanders, other than full integration tests. We need to provide conveniences for testing, analogically to Phoenix.ChannelTest (and probably based on it). I sill have no idea how it should look like :slight_smile:

  • Code review: Drab started as a proof of concept, and had thousands of twists in its short history. There is a lot to improve with code readability. Sometime I am wondering how does it works :wink: Again, this would be a good exercise and way to learn how it works. I connected Ebert, you may take a look: https://ebertapp.io/github/grych/drab/

  • Bug fixes: https://github.com/grych/drab/issues. Please assign yourself to the issue if you want to work on it, to prevent double job.

Actually, I am going to put this list to the CONTRIBUTING.md, thanks for forcing me to write it down! :slight_smile:


@felix-d: I have lots of ideas for open source libraries. Currently I don’t have a time to work on them (in my free time I’m working on one), but I have enough time to describe them well, answer your questions (I’m almost always near my laptop) and review your work. I don’t have only programming tasks. You could make also research or share your own ideas based on my plans for specified project. Please send me pm if you are interested.


Thank you for the great suggestions everybody! I’ll look more closely into each of those by going through the repos and will probably reach out to some of you if I have questions.

There is an awesome page for such questions:

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Wanted to bump this thread because I came across a site that finds repos on github that are seeking contributors and am interested in seeing what people are looking for contributors for in 2019. https://gauger.io/contrib/#/language/elixir


I’d like to bump this thread.
I have learned the basics of Elixir and OTP, created an online card game with Phoenix (including sockets, channels and presence) and now would like to contribute to an open source project. Does anybody need help?


An interesting project under active development is crawly, a Web crawling framework

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Thank you, looks interesting.