Looking for Developers - SEONG Microservice Indonesia

My name: Jason
My position: CEO
Company name: SEONG Microservice Indonesia Co., Ltd.
Website: seongltd.com
Country: Indonesia
Company info and history:

We’re a service company in the telecom industry, currently we’re helping contractor & security migrating from the analog to digital PTT devices.

We are migrating to progressive web app with the intention to enable other vendors (Inrico, MyTetra, etc) to use our PTT server. The PWA will enable the other vendors to control / Over the Air Programming the PTT devices.

Thus being said, we’re migrating from WalkieFleet to become a distribution service company in the telecom industry.

About the job

Job title: Back End / Front End Developer
Job description: Code in Elixir/Erlang/Golang/C++/Python for the back end. Code in React/Flux/Electron for the front end.
Salary range: Please negotiate through WhatsApp. PMs for more info.
Position on remote work: Back End / Front End Developer
Qualifications or experience required: Send me your portofolio jason@seongltd.com in PDF
What the successful job applicant will be working on:

  1. Building the PTT app for the PTT device (Android).
  2. Building the PTT server.
  3. Building the PWA.

About the interview process

Please prepare your portofolio and the reason why you want to be our back end / front end developer.

Further info

Interview will be done through WhatsApp. Meeting will always be done on Thursday through Google Docs.