Looking for examples of configuring Amazon Elastic Beanstalk to receive Web Sockets

I’m trying to deploy a Phoenix Channels-based application* to Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk and I’m having trouble figuring out how to configure it to successfully negotiate the upgrade to web sockets.

Can anyone point me to good resources on how to do that?

*OK, for the moment, it’s a very slightly tweaked version of phoenix_chat_example, but we’re using that as a proof-of-concept for deploying an app that uses channels as its API.

Thanks much!



Late to the party, but you might want to check out this blog post by Thoughtbot, they explain how to configure the Amazon load balancer to work with Web Sockets: https://robots.thoughtbot.com/deploying-elixir-to-aws-elastic-beanstalk-with-docker

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