Looking for freelance assignment

I’m looking for elixir / phoenix assignments. I live in the Netherlands. Some info about me you can find on www.linkedin.com/in/stefanhoutzager . Contact me at stefan.houtzager@gmail.com


If anyone is unsure if you should hire Stefan or not, let me tell you: He is a very bright man.
While I have not worked with him directly (yet – hopefully this will change in the future), we’ve had multiple very valuable technical discussions. I consider him to be a very smart and knowledgeable man.

So, consider this some kind of letter of recommendation! :slight_smile:


Thanks Wiebe-Marten, much appreciated!

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I have worked with Stefan for a couple of years and could’t have said it better than Qqwy.
Stefan is dedicated, intelligent, responsible and takes pride in what he does and works very hard for it.
A real go-getter and not to forget…a very nice person as well.:smiley:

So hire him. You won’t regret it.:thumbsup:


Starting next week I’m available again as contractor. Untill I get a contract I will be working on my bpms again.