Looking for help topics to add to my 'about' library

I recently created the ‘about’ library that adds non-specific topics to the help system for iex.

This is a request for what topics you would find helpful here. The idea is to include a range of useful lookup information within iex so that you can go h About.topic and get more details.



Do you mean something like

h About.let_it_crash
h About.phoenix_context
h About.gen_server
h About.what_is_About_about
# etc


If so, you can probably get some ideas from erlang and elixir docs as well as:


Those are exactly the kind of suggestions that I was looking for.

Are there other pieces of useful reference information that you should expect to have to hand?

So far it includes:

defaults/0 formatting_code/0 help/0 naming_conventions/0
pipeline/0 regex/0 sigils/0 websites/0

plus About.Types

atom/0 boolean/0 float/0 integer/0 list/0 string/0

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A few that come to mind in no particular order

  • supervisor
  • otp
  • testing
  • benchmarking
  • datetime
  • coding_style
  • structs
  • type_specs
  • protocols
  • iex
  • debugging
  • profiling
  • pattern_matching
  • exception_handling
  • sigils
  • distributed_erlang
  • processes
  • guards
  • file_system
  • async_tasks
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I can make a start with most of these but may need help on some details.

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About library is now at version 0.0.5

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