Looking for new open source LiveView codebases to study and learn from: intermediate level

Studying LiveView codebases is part of my journey to become a better (LiveView) dev. I have been studying LiveBeats, LiveBook and a number of codebases for Fly.io blogs. It’s fairly easy to find new open source projects to study. I can’t always tell if I should copy practices from those code bases or not. Simply because I am at a level where I cannot always tell good practices from not-so-good practices.

Are there any open-source projects that you can recommend? Projects that you think are good learning sources for some one that:

  • Has been using Phoenix/LiveView (almost) daily for at least a year (4-7 hours per day)
  • Has limited dev experience prior to starting to use Phoenix/LiveView (JS and Vue)
  • Is comfortable with options of Phoenix/LiveView, but needs to get better at building robust, clean and well-maintainable code

P.S. In the title I use the term intermediate level. Not sure how I qualify and fairly sure that the term is used loosely.

P.P.S. Although I have been studying LiveBook’s codebase, I definitely am not at that level of practice yet. Clearly. Plenty goes over my head.

Edit: There are some big differences in coding style between for example LiveBeats and this codebase (Fly.io blog post). Being able to compare has been super useful.


In case it’s helpful for any fellow learners, I’ll post some options myself also. Options that I think look promising.

I found this repo just now. GitHub - puemos/overbooked: Overbooked is a self-hosted flexible workplace platform for indie co-working owners.


I am in the process of trying Liveview but unfortunately I won’t continue because of the lag I experience and I haven’t experienced with Next. I can’t explain it but it feels very different if you click around in a Next app and a Phoenix app - and both of them get stuff from the DB after the click.

Phoenix feels laggy somehow. In a weird unpleasant way something between unresponsiveness and laggy feeling.

I noticed that I click on some links multiple times because I think the first time it haven’t registered the click, but it just was slow.

Anybody has similar experience with this “lag” feeling when you click around in Phoenix?

This should be in its own thread, but no, when I am doing dev work, the results are instantaneous and snappy. When deploying, the results are dependent on the distance from your machine to the server, I recently deployed on a server that is 7500km away (ping time is 175ms), and I can barely notice a lag in the responses from the live views on the server.

If you are developing on a remote server, that would explain the lag. Whatever it is, I don’t think it’s a Phoenix problem.

If you want to feel how fast a LiveView response can be, try out my toy project:

Each question does a round trip to the server. Again, there is pretty much no lag for me. So if you’re experiencing issues, it’s a problem with your device or connection.

I usually don’t change 2 letters on the website. Try page navigation, pagination, search, bigger changes. Pheonix will feel slow.

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Feel free to start a new thread to air your grievances. I am sure the community would be happy to help you address your specific concerns.

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