Looking for open source projects to contribute on

Hello folks! :slight_smile:

I learned something about Elixir and now I am looking for some open source project where I can contribute on, just to learn something new by contributing on an existing open source project.

In the meanwhile I am taking a look here, but if there are newer projects out there, let me know! I will be glad to try to take a look.

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Hi there!

If you’re initially looking for something small to contribute on there is an issue that I logged with ja_resource that I haven’t had time to fix yet. I would be happy to help out and point you in the right direction. If you were hoping for something different or bigger maybe take a look at code triage and you should be able to find something of interest on one of those repos.


Absolutely, I am looking for something small, I think you are talking about this


I’ll give a look to it. I’ll be live on Twitch today, check the schedule if you are interested in following me and helping me out. I’ll try to face this issue anyway! Thank you :slight_smile:

Awesome, I will checkout when you’re online and see if I’m about and yes that’s the issue :thumbsup:

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Nice! In the meanwhile I’m waiting for other suggestions, just to evaluate other candidates :blush:

We have this issue open: https://gitlab.com/code-stats/code-stats/issues/32

It should be simple enough: find some CSV library, get data from database, put into CSV format, write as response. Should also check if data can be too big to fit in memory comfortably and change approach accordingly.

Join our Gitter channel if you are interested. :slight_smile:

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Hi @joebew42, welcome.

I’m not sure if you are new to Programming or just Elixir? If just Elixir I have recently categorised a load of issues on a project I have that is to showcase deploying elixir with docker. Elixir and deployment is an open question at the moment, so I hope for this to become a useful resource.

If you are new to programming in general, help would of course be welcome, but I would suggest leaving the world of deployment issues for the moment.

Hi, this seems interesting, I think I’ll consider it for a contribution, thank you :slight_smile:

I am new in Elixir , but not in programming. I am looking for programming contribution (e.g. fix bugs or add new features). elixir-on-docker is a sort of integration between existing projects in order to provide a stack where we can build application cloud native on top of it. Right?

What I am looking for are projects like ja_resource or code-stats. For example, a Phoenix based project could be interesting too, because I’d like to learn something about Phoenix. Libraries are also welcome :slight_smile:

More or less right. It’s build on an alternative stack to plug/phoenix etc, you might want to start more in the mainstream.
Some of the issues are Elixir programming 100%, I just didn’t want to confuse a newbie with too many technologies in one go and an appreciation of Docker would be probably necessary.

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Hi @swelham,

As you can see here I tried to propose a fix to the issue you talked about.

Let me know what do you think.

The strange thing I noticed is how the maintainer of ja_resource decided to test the library. He or she introduced a fake implementation of Ecto.Schema and Ecto.Repo, this makes the test to be potentially “false positive”, cause when we will try to use a newer version of Ecto, the tests will continue to use the fake implementation and obviously continue to pass, with no feedback about possible regressions.

Another problem I found is, since we have to use the fake implementation for our tests we are forced to maintain and update the code twice (our application code, and the fake implementation) .

In general, it is not recommended to fake what you cannot control. In this case I would propose a new issue there to invite to remove the fake implementation and to use the real Ecto. Just because this library is strictly coupled with Phoenix/Ecto.

What do you think?

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Hi Joe

Your changes look good to me.

I haven’t looked into the tests before but I agree it’s a bit strange to fake Ecto. I’m guessing the author has done this so they don’t need a database for testing, though I would argue the library shouldn’t depend on Ecto in the first place which would allow it to work more generically. I think there is definitely scope for improvement here and if you have the time and willingness to work on it, I’m sure the author would be open to suggestions.

Hopefully your PR will get merged soon.

Thanks for working on this :thumbsup:


Hello folks!

It was a fantastic journey in learning something more about Elixir and Phoenix, so I was able to contribute to Code-Stats too, here you can find the merge request I proposed: expose an API for pulses data export. It was very helpful to have @Nicd with me during the live streaming session :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to continue with my contribution on Code-Stats and ja_resource.

But I am looking for other projects too, let me know by replying this thread, or open an Issue to this project joebew42/twitch by proposing an Elixir project. If you have an Elixir project or do you want help with an Issue, please let me know! I will be glad to help you folks :slight_smile:

I will be live on Twitch today, see you there twitch.tv/joebew42

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Thanks so much for your help! Unfortunately I have been very busy so I didn’t have time to join you more than once and I haven’t reviewed your MR yet. But at a quick look it looked very promising. :slight_smile:

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