Looking for resources about "modern fullstack" apps

Does anyone have resources (articles, talks, etc.) they can share about “modern fullstack apps”?

By “modern fullstack” I mean dynamic, server-rendered applications. Think Phoenix LiveView, Laravel Livewire, Rails Hotwire, Remix, Django + HTMX, etc.

I’m mostly looking for resources explaining what this paradigm is and how it compares to “old school” MPAs and the current trend of API+SPA apps.

I’ve tried looking around a bunch, but I’m struggling to search for this effectively. Any query containing “monolith” yields mostly “microservices vs. monolith” content, “server-side rendering” is all about server-rendered SPAs (well, mostly React to be honest). “fullstack web” is too generic to yield anything of value.

hmmmm good question. I would search for “turbolinks” and “pjax” which were precursor to these ideas. You will probably do better finding old articles explaining what you are looking for. Then reading about the more recent technologies will likely make more sense as they are taking those ideas much farther.

Sorry I don’t have any concrete links for you.

I regularly scan HackerNews and never seen anything like that there either. Not on lobste.rs either.

If there is such a thing then it’s indeed not easy to spot.

Thanks for you replies, it’s not quite what I was hoping for but at least it helps calibrate my expectations.

I would search for “turbolinks” and “pjax” which were precursor to these ideas.

I’ll definitely try that, thanks for the suggestion!

the HTMX lad has definitely been on a few podcasts and videos (search htmx jetbrains as he’s done a few for them and on changelog Search |> Changelog) and I’m sure the others have.

And be careful, you’re going to hurt somebody’s feelings implying that a SPA is not modern :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll look into that!

Haha good point, I’ll try not to go too hard on people :wink: