Looking for suggestions on how to learn Elixir (I've done some python and C)

I’m new to elixir. I did some coding in python and C. I want to learn elixir for starting my career in web development. I need suggestions for starting my journey in elixir.

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Hi @RKC07 welcome!

I’d say the best place to start is still the Programming Elixir book, especially if you are new to functional programming. The guides on the official Elixir site are good, but the Programming Elixir book takes you at a slower pace that I think really facilitates learning for new people.

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Thank you @benwilson512. I think you are an experienced elixir programmer based on your title. I just want to know one thing before starting this elixir path which is “are elixir, dbms, phoenix and ash frameworks sufficient to develop full stack web applications without writing any code using javascript, react or svelte or vue or angular frameworks?”.

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If you replace “without writing any code using javascript, react or svelte or vue or angular frameworks” with “writing as little js as possible and without using react or svelte or vue or angular frameworks.”, then yes. It is unlikely that you will write zero javascript. But you will write orders of magnitude less than with other options.


Thank you for clarifying my doubt @zachdaniel. I very much appreciate it.

Here is my web development learning process:

  1. Learn HTML,
  2. Learn CSS,
  3. Learn Elixir,
  4. Learn phoenix, and other related stuff, and
  5. Finally try to implement my app idea.

Is this process sufficient for my journey or do i need to learn javascript before elixir to achieve my goal of becoming a good web developer?
Can you help me with this question @zachdaniel ?

That looks like a good journey. You do not need to learn javascript before Elixir or Phoenix.

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I agree :+1: . My only piece of advice is not to put off your app idea too far. When you are learning HTML/CSS, try to practice by creating pages you might use for your app. When you are learning Elixir, consider how you can use what you’re learning to build your app.

It always helps me (both from a learning and motivation perspective) to keep my overarching goals in mind.


Thank you @benwilson512.

Thank you @zachdaniel .

When I started with Elixir I mainly develop in Python so one of the most impressive facts I experienced was the difference of the programming paradigm. In Python I did mainly object-oriented programming, but also functional, but Elixir is focused on functional programming and all is oriented to that fact. So my advice is practice, practice and break with what you know, don’t tie to the current methodology you have usually worked with non-functional languages.

There a lot of books really awesome and useful to learn general Elixir and specific parts of the language and its ecosystem, but I recommend you Elixir School and Elixir guides. And remember, in Elixir, documentation is a “first-class citizen”, so it is always my first resource to solve the main doubts with libraries or the Elixir core modules, thus I really recommend to read Elixir’s documentation even if you are not programming (maybe drinking a cup of tea!), because you can learn a lot with the module docs available.

Elixir has a lot of features really useful and interesting, and also important, it is a very enjoyable language to learn!

And, of course, welcome to Elixir Forum! I hope you have a nice stay here and wonderful learning path!

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Thank you for the advice @ivanhercaz. I very much appreciate it.