Lounge - Fun games to help remote teams catch-up & stay connected!

Hi everyone!

Excited to share Lounge with you all. Lounge is a fun virtual space with built-in audio and quirky avatars where remote teams can catch-up, play games like Pictionary, Codenames and stay connected.

Since the pandemic, my friend and I really missed hanging out at the office, catching up over lunch and coffee. We tried doing non work Zoom calls with our teams but it got boring and awkward quickly. We wanted something better and so we built Lounge. You can see how the product works here: https://lounge.games/product

This is my first project with Elixir. I have lots of experience with Python and JS but have always wanted to try a functional language. Elixir and Phoenix was a perfect fit especially due to Phoenix channels. The entire gameplay is over channels. Really enjoyed learning and building in Elixir and Phoenix. Impressed with the ecosystem as well! Excited to try LiveView next.

Happy to finally share it with the community and would love to get feedback!