Łukasz Niemier - looking for remote contracts

Hey Fellas,

I’m Łukasz Jan Niemier, and I live in Poznań, Poland.

I have a little Elixir experience as well as a tad of Erlang one.

I may be known also for few of my articles about Elixir applications, logging, systemd, and performance or few open source libraries.

I have been working with Elixir and Erlang professionally for about 6-7 years now and I am looking for remote contract. Beyond Elixir I have moderate experience in Ruby, C++, Rust, and some Haskell.

Website: https://hauleth.dev
CV: CV - Hauleth
GitHub: hauleth (Łukasz Jan Niemier) · GitHub
SourceHut: ~hauleth


Wish you luck and the right people to come your way, man. Hopefully we can be colleagues one day, I’m starting my job search very soon as well.