Lynx - A Fast, Secure and Reliable Terraform Backend, Set up in Minutes.

Lynx is a Fast, Secure and Reliable Terraform Backend. It is built in Elixir with Phoenix framework.


  • Simplified Setup: Easy installation and maintenance for hassle-free usage.
  • Team Collaboration: Manage multiple teams and users seamlessly.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a visually appealing dashboard for intuitive navigation.
  • Project Flexibility: Support for multiple projects within each team.
  • Environment Management: Create and manage multiple environments per project.
  • State Versioning: Keep track of Terraform state versions for better control.
  • Rollback Capability: Easily revert to previous states for efficient infrastructure management.
  • Terraform Locking Support: The project also supports Terraform locking, ensuring state integrity and preventing concurrent operations that could lead to data corruption
  • RESTful Endpoints: for seamless teams, users, projects, environments, and snapshots management.
  • Snapshot Creation: for both projects and environments to ensure data integrity and provide recovery options at specific points in time.

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Just to draw your attention to Lynx (web browser) - Wikipedia

Lynx is a name usually associated with a terminal web browser. If you are aiming to also be easy to discover on the net, that might be a factor for you.

Side point but is there a link between the Lynx name and the wolf imagery?