Mac Users Thread

If I didn’t know any better I would think Apple are personally attacking me right now. In just the last few days I’ve had constant issues with all my devices…

  • AirPods just give up on me and couldn’t use/sync them with anything all day
  • Podcasts stop playing, don’t resume from pause and random old episodes play
  • My recently fixed MacBook Pro has laggy scrolling if I use the built in trackpad or up/down keys
  • Reminders from 73 days ago just appeared on my iPad
  • Reminders aren’t syncing between laptop and iPhone
  • Still issues with external monitor not working after waking from sleep
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I’ve read that too but I’ve also read that Apple aren’t exactly innocent either. They were the ones refusing to allow NVIDIA drivers on Mojave upwards even though they were already made and ready to go.

If Apple really wanted what’s best for the customer then they would just suck it up and work with NVIDIA. I know Jobs was a petty man but he’s not running things anymore. Of course the real reason is probably AMD giving better prices and Apple using their own proprietary stack is more lock-in.

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Oh, Apple are never innocent, let’s be clear on that. :smile:

IMO its a combination of corporate costs and compliance with certain practices that Apple requires and it’s likely that AMD is willing to do those.

I personally almost never care about brands these days. But I’m curious to see how will things develop.


Reboot. I am not kidding.

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Apple and NVIDIA have reached a ridiculous situation. It’s what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object! (not much at all). For better or worse, CUDA is a de facto standard. Not long ago, Apple boasted of embracing standards.

My feeling is that Apple wants to control the controllers and isolate the user through an increasingly closed ecosystem.

  • Windows Driver (Available): The user can decide whether or not to install the driver.
  • Linux Driver (Available): The user can decide whether or not to install the driver.
  • macOS (Not available): Apple decides what the user wants.
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It would be a standard if CUDA was applicable to non-NVIDIA GPUs, which it isn’t. :frowning:


:ok_hand: a widely used technology?

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I am not against what you say in the technological sense. But I don’t think we should give any corporation a free pass to a future monopoly.

Maybe I am reading you wrong though, apologies if so.


No problem! :smile:

In summary: CUDA / OpenCL / Metal should be options to be chosen by the user.

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Apple is certainly messing with me right now haha. For some reason whenever I remove an app from the dock the icon will reappear. The podcast app phone/desktop is also seriously getting on my nerves - it has basically given up resuming after I pause.

I’m done! If the ecosystem doesn’t work together, and the individual devices have their own issues then what am I paying the premium for? I’m going linux for what I can and Windows 10 for what I can’t. Seriously I’m done and I didn’t even go into the other small issues iOS 13 and macOS Catalina has given me. I’m part of the iPhone Upgrade Program and I passed on the iPhone 11 Pro Max which should have been a warning sign.

I’m giving the AirPods, Watch and iPhone to my wife. I’m even going back to Android for my phone I’m that annoyed.

See you in the linux users thread.


How old is the system and the files/data/settings on it?

Might be time to do a format and a clean install to start from scratch :003:

What do you use instead? :lol:

It’s a 2015 MacBook Pro (their last decent laptop) with a fresh install of Catalina (see my last few posts/rants in this thread). It’s not just that system it’s literally all of my devices.

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I might have missed it… but how did you do the fresh install and did you use Migration Assistant at all?

I’m using the MBP 2015 15" and had zero issues, and still don’t have any. What you posted is very surprising to me. :icon_eek:

I’d try disabling and re-enabling iCloud. Also try disable Bluetooth for a bit.

It was the built in internet recovery and I didn’t use the migration assistant. I had a few little issues when I upgraded from Mojave to Catalina (like right clicking an item in the bin caused a kernel panic every time) but the clean install is even worse.

I know I sound a little dramatic but I’ve had so many issues in such a short time that it’s frustrated me.

Since I bought this thing I can’t think of any improvements at all and plenty of things that are worse. Your experience is the one I wanted and quite frankly overpaid for but it’s not the one I’ve had. There are many more people just like me too.

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It happens to me, too.

Bug : login error with passwords containing ‘[’, ‘]’, ‘{’, ‘}’.
Spanish keyboard: ‘[’ -> Option + [ …

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I think if I ever got to the stage of having to do an internet recovery I would back up all of my files and then do a clean install :smiley:

Just make sure you have backed up everything you need because obviously once you format the hard drive it will be wiped clean.

I am just tweaking a blog post I made that can help with this :003:


Ok my guides are up:

Hope they come in handy for somebody else as well :smiley:


I am sorry you got the short straw. I suggest you go ask somebody at an Apple shop for diagnostics. You might get lucky and they can replace the machine with one that doesn’t act like that.

But I understand your patience has been thinned. That’s fine.

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That’s thoroughly rare; either you have a buggy 3rd-party kernel extension or failing hardware (RAM would be my first guess).