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Welcome to our thread for Mac users :smiley:

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What do you like about Macs and Mac OS?

This video sums up a lot of why I use a Mac…

What I like about my Mac is that it brings the unix programming environment I need together with a nice and clean user interface. My MBA is super light, I can take it anywhere without hassle, and apart from some age showing (such as “30% is 0% now”) the battery also lasts quite long. I’m also a big fan of the built-in Terminal emulator, it’s lightweight, speedy, and has the features I need (tabs, colour scheme support (any love for gruvbox?)).

That said, this might be personal, but I have not been a fan of the recent MacBooks at all (ports, touch bar, all the stuff around the keyboard…), might just be a personal thing. I’m glad my old macbook is still working as well as it did on the first day :smile:


Started 12 years ago as a Ruby developer. Mac support was really good for Rails, also there was TextMate. This editor is so good, I still use it daily. Also for webdev I needed Adobe apps.

In general I think the quality and design of Mac apps is unbeatable. And also I‘m too invested now in Apple ecosystem to even think about switching.


Which MBA do you have? I love mine (11") and I need to replace the battery too, I think the last time I checked they cost about £50 :man_shrugging:t3:

It was actually DHH that got me to try an 11" MBA, I fell in love with it and it quickly replaced my Mac Pro as my main workstation :003:

I love TextMate too! If I am editing a single file I will usually open in TM. I wish they had split windows like MacVim tho! They did say they were going to add them, but they never arrived :cry:

I have a mid-2015 15". I just got a recall notice for my battery but they want my laptop for a week which is a pain.

I actually recently moved all my dev to a remote server so I basically just use my laptop as a terminal thin client 90% of the time.


That sounds very interesting. Could you please share more details about your setup?

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Nothing too exciting. I do all my coding in vim so I just rented a Digital ocean server and ssh into it to do my work. Looks the same as when I was developing locally with the benefit that when I roll up a dev server I can show it to other people more easily and if my laptop dies I can just grab another machine and have access to my dev environment. The DO box isn’t ideal and I’m currently looking for a colo server to replace it but it’s been effective.

It helps with streaming as well since OBS makes my laptop run slow so recompiling during development/test runs is painful.


Early 2014, 13’’. That sounds a bit cheaper than I expected, although you would probably need a special repair kit for it?

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It doesn’t look too involved tbh:

It comes with the screwdrivers needed too:

This’ll make a lot of people happy - a new 16" MBP in Q3:

Apple’s widely rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro will be powered by Intel’s 9th-generation Coffee Lake Refresh processors, in line with the 15-inch MacBook Pro released in May, according to IHS Markit analyst Jeff Lin.

If accurate, this means the 16-inch MacBook Pro will be configurable with up to an 8-core Core i9 processor with a 2.4GHz base clock speed and a max Turbo Boost frequency of 5.0GHz. The lineup also includes 6-core Core i7 processors. All of the chips are 45W with integrated Intel UHD Graphics 630.

Notably, this would mean that Apple isn’t yet ready to use Intel’s latest 10th-generation Ice Lake processors. These chips might not have been powerful enough for the 16-inch MacBook Pro, as there are currently no 6-core or 8-core options, and they have low TDPs ranging between 9W and 15W.

Rumors suggest the 16-inch MacBook Pro will feature an all-new design with narrower bezels and a more reliable scissor mechanism keyboard. In a research note obtained by Forbes, Lin said the 16-inch display will have 227 pixels per inch, in line with a previously rumored 3,072×1,920 resolution.

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Not bad but will they just give up on the damn scissor switch keyboards already!


Butterfly switches are the problem ones. Scissor switches are the older more reliable style.

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Judging by my mistake, you can just barely tell my frustration, right?

Thank you for the correction. :023:

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I’m still rocking a 2015 MBP so I’ve not experienced them yet. This one is looking really tempting for an upgrade though.

Exactly the same here but I tried the new ones in stores and through acquaintances and I’m never buying that, ever.

And yep, this one looks like the first tempting MBP in 4 years. I’ll wait to see reviews on potential cooling and throttling issues first though.

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That doesn’t look too involved indeed. I should give that a try. Thanks for the link!

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I am bringing my 2017 MacBook Pro 13" to a service in a few days because of a faulty left cmd key (the keycap doesn’t stick to the keyboard itself). I hope it will be serviced for free. Luckily, I have new hexa-core Mac Mini in work, which I like very much.
Anyway, typing on the new keyboard is OK, you will get used to it in a few hours/days, but I consider keyboard to be one of the this which should be 100% bulletproof. This is a big fail for Apple.


Agreed. The keyboard in my 2011 macbook pro was much better.

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