Maciej Lenc - looking for remote contract work

Hello, my name’s Maciej Lenc, originally from Poland but I live in Edinburgh (UK) nowadays.

I’m currently looking for a remote contract work through my Limited Company.

I have 15+ years experience as a software developer mainly in Python, and I’ve been working with Elixir/Phoenix commercially for the past 2 years. Beyond Elixir and Python, I have moderate experience with Ruby on Rails, Go, and modern Javascript.

My recent Elixir/Phoenix experience includes a web management software for health practitioners, with focus on privacy of patient’s data (sensitive data encrypted at rest using cloak library), events processing (oban library), highly customisable web form builder in LiveView, automated receipt and billing integration with Stripe, among other things.

Recent Python experience highlights: I have contracted for a French AI startup to build a web application for measuring the benefits of fragrance products, as well as working closely with team of data scientists to provide insight and guidance on best practices and workflows.


  • know-how in building software for public/private sectors
  • invested in self-development
  • proactive, persistent and highly adaptive person
  • effective in communication

GitHub: mlexs (Maciej Lenc) · GitHub
LinkedIn: Maciej Lenc - Senior Python Developer | LinkedIn