Macro env: public access to available aliases?

Hi friends,

I’m working on a library that “writes code,” and am wondering if there is a public interface to all aliases available in the macro environment.

For instance, if some argument evaluates to a struct %Foo.Bar.Baz{}, and the calling module has aliased Baz using alias Foo.Bar.Baz, I want to know that %Baz{} can be used.

This information is available via __CALLER__.aliases, but the docs explicitly call this (and other fields) out as private.

There is a fetch_alias that works the other way, expanding a potential alias to a fully qualified name, but I cannot find a way to go from fully qualified to available alias. I wanted to check whether I’m missing something before proposing a public API. :slight_smile:

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Turned out there wasn’t, but now there will be!