Magma - An "IDE" for documentation and LLM prompts

Hi everyone,

I’d like to announce the initial release of Magma, an environment for Elixir developers, that aims to streamline the process of writing and executing prompts for generating documentation or asking questions about your Elixir project. Magma utilizes Obsidian and the concept of transclusions to seamlessly incorporate project-relevant knowledge into prompts.

Key Features

  • Transclusion Resolution System: Craft prompts rapidly from existing content, avoiding repetitive copying and pasting, and keeping information current and centralized.

  • Extendible Workflows: Generate various artefacts, such as module documentation, project READMEs, and comprehensive texts (usually exceeding the standard token limits of LLMs).



Good stuff but “atoms are indivisible”?

What do you mean? The prompts are recommended to be composed of atomic notes, but of course, aren’t themself atomic notes.

I like the concept but the blog post you are linking to for definition of “atomic notes” claims that atoms are indivisible. That was true at one point but is no longer true today. :slight_smile:

I might not be up-to-date on this; have there been recent discussions challenging this concept? Here’s another link to an article that expands on the atomicity of notes. I think the term ‘atomic’ in this context is intended more as a guiding principle rather than a rigid rule.

:rocket: Just released Magma v0.2 which moves all configurations incl. all previously hard-coded prompt parts into your vault, so everything can now be easily adapted to your needs from within Obsidian.

The user guide was updated accordingly.

Users who already created a Magma vault with v0.1 can migrate it with:

$ mix magma.vault.migrate


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