Make admin user "approve" database changes

I am working on an admin website where users can perform CRUD operations on resources.

When a user with an unprivileged role changes a resource R, that should not go online immediately, but only after an admin has approved the changes.
So what I did was to create a copy of R
Problem is R has many linked subresources S1 ... SN.

So when the unprivileged user changes R and I create a copy R1 I should copy all the subresources as well, which doesn’t feel right.

Any other approach?

I thought about maintaining the original R in the database and a separate table to keep track of the changes.

The database is Postgresql


One approach could be storing the user suggested changes as a single map rather than in the relational tables, and only properly inserting them there on admin approval, like this function does for e.g.: (and using that lib would also give you version history)

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Nice! Thank you