Make an unhandled exception more noisy

I have a process, using gen_statem, which was crashing (and being restarted by a supervisor) because of an unhandled exception.

When I first encountered the issue while debugging it was clear that the process was restarting, but the unhandled exception didn’t cause anything to be printed to the console. It would silently fail, the supervisor would restart things, and the cycle would continue.

Tracking down the issue would have been much faster if the exception had been more “noisy”. I tried using the :debug option for my server with both “:trace” and “:log” - while it was interesting to see the system messages the exception was still silently raised and handled.

Is there something I could have done to make the unhandled exception more “noisy”, at least in dev mode, so I could have come to a resolution more swiftly?


Enable the built-in sasl app, but be warned, it will be VERY noisy. It logs all OTP process creation and crashes and so forth.