Making distillery playing better with rsync? (skipping tar.gz)

When I make a Distillery release, it produces a .tar.gz bundle that I can copy to my server and untar.

However, when doing development, I often just tweak and want to deploy on the staging server (the environment there is quite more complex than on my dev machine). For other projects I use rsync which is quite fast, but obviously when you have a tar rsync is not working.

Is there a directory equivalent to the tar.gz that I can just rsync to my server?

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Sure, you can build your release with mix release --no-tar then rsync the _build/<env>/rel/<release_name> folder to the target folder on your server. The --no-tar flag just skips the tarball generation, which you wouldn’t be using in this case, and avoids the extra data to copy on each change.