Managing open source projects - notifications and actionable items

I have a question about managing open source projects, more specifically, a workflow to manage notifications and actionable items.

I see some awesome people (thanks for your work) maintaining/being involved in multiple projects. I wonder how folks are keeping track of new issues/PRs that come around. Is this work done through email filtering and receiving all the notifications for a project? Any additional tools involved? Anyone have any insight on this?

If you actively contribute to large projects (multiple of them), could you please share your workflow? Any tips, tricks? Third party solutions? Email filtering ninja skills?

Thank you!!

PS: @NobbZ mentioned Thanks!

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For larger OSS projects, it makes sense to have one person that is more dedicated towards managing issues and pull requests. That person tries to keep them updated, adds tags and assigns related team members.

@Phillipp, exactly. I’m interested in how that person (dedicated to triaging/managing the repo) manages the notifications. I want to know about their workflow, if they use any tools, how do folks that are responsible for multiple repos get this work done.