Map.keys convert to string


i want to concat all the keys, from a map into one string separatly by comma, i was doing this:

> names = claims
>             |> Map.keys
>             |> Enum.each(fn (x)-> names <> x end)

Rather than Enum.each, you will want to use Enum.join.


data = %{"foo" => 1, "bar" => 2, "baz" => 0}

data |> Map.keys |> Enum.join(",")

For more general iterations where you are accumulating results, using Enum.each is usually not what you want, but instead, Enum.reduce.

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Just a quick note about Enum.each. Its really only used for working with code that has side effects. It always returns :ok, not anything from the result of the passed fn.

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