Marketplace for Phoenix components

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone is aware of any centralized repository for off-the-shelf Phoenix (live) components? There’s stuff out there like an autocomplete searchbox, tables and some others, but this information isn’t really organized in just one place.


Seems like a good endeavor. I would probably recommend just starting with an ad-hoc blog post sharing what is known and available and then maybe some later articles on how people could consider packaging their components as hex packages, and then perhaps over time add metadata to the hex package so a proper catalog could be built.

One other hurdle is the current lack of core tech that would let a component author share/colocate related JavaScripts their component might need. I recall the LiveView team talking about that at some point as something they want to offer.

The lack of easy-to-assemble open-source UI components is something, IMO, that makes prototyping new ideas with LiveView more costly in time. Yes, the core tech is all there that would let you custom-build things, but it just feels expensive in time. I’m very envious of the frontend Javascript UI components out there (though I’m sure they bring their own tradeoffs).