Martin Fowler: The Many Meanings of Event-Driven Architecture • Keynote GOTO Chicago 2017, May 1

Martin Fowler (ThoughtWorks) outlines the differences, pros and cons of four major Event-Driven approaches:

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Points of interest:

  • While events are often an effective means of decoupling the receiver from the sender, events typically obscure the system’s actual behaviour which can make it more difficult to reason about.
  • Every software developer who has used version control has interacted with an Event Sourcing system.
  • If you need to explain Event Sourcing to the business, use accounting ledgers.
  • While CQRS can be a powerful approach to addressing certain categories of challenges it is also the one Event-driven style that tends to get projects/people into trouble most often.

I’d rate this a “must watch”.


Very interesting - thanks for sharing Peer!

When he got to event sourcing and logging I immediately thought of ‘migrations but for data’ :lol:


Thanks for sharing @peerreynders, I do agree with the “rating” :slight_smile: