Martynas Maciulevičius -- junior Elixir or senior other developer job (UTC+2)

I’m based in Lithuania, EU; UTC+2.

I started to learn Elixir and I could take a beginner job there.
I finished one take-home exercise using LiveView, Elixir, GenServer and mix. I wrote tests and tried to keep it clean the way I’m used to when I’m doing Clojure. I don’t know a lot about Erlang and OTP it but it’s a start. The reviewer said they hired two other devs and this is why they didn’t hire me. I could give the contact of the person to validate this if you want.

Previously I worked as a Clojure developer and I developed a subscribable join system (for general joins and also for individual documents; I wrote a custom DSL that’s used by back-end developers).
Before that I worked on my own project using JS/TS and Clojure.
And before that as a TypeScript and a Golang developer for a single company.

My webpage has my CV: