Master Programming: Road to Fulfillment and Wealth (group exercises/course)

Master Programming: Road to Fulfillment and Wealth

Are you overwhelmed by what it takes to master programming? How many courses and books did you buy and never use? You start off strong, have a lot of drive, and want to conquer the world.

But after just a few short days, the momentum dies.

What gives? Why is this such a common pattern?

Consider this: without accountability, old habits catch up and you fall back into the mundane.

What do you hope to accomplish by participating in this community? Is it to improve your skills? Is it to make friends? Is it to make money? Picture now what you want to accomplish.

Ask yourself: how will you get there?

2020 has been hard. I feel demotivated, lonely, and stir crazy. Maybe you feel the same.

So, what’s the solution? What’s the way forward?

Join a group of people who

  • are as motivated to change as you,
  • will hold you accountable to your goals,
  • will make friends and provide mentorship along the way.

Join a small community who will help you reach you programming goals.

Why dedicate yourself to programming? Why not another craft or hobby? Think about it, mastering programming will help you achieve many of your other life goals.

The decision must be made some time. Why not make it today?

Reply or DM me if you’re interested in joining the group. The exercises we’ll be going through start tonight.