Master Thesis Elixir comparision

Hello everyone!

Currently I’m looking for some inspiration about my master thesis which I’ll start in following weeks. I program mostly in Java with Spring, but I would like to switch to Elixir with Phoenix.
My first thought about my thesis was to do some research and compare those two languages(with frameworks) for backend efficiency. But since right now, I’m not so deep with Elixir, I’m looking for aspects that could be good to test and compare. Do you have any ideas?


One area that would be interesting to compare is deployment options.

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Case study of:


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Another subject can be Witchcraft and Category Theory

Thank you all, great resources!

What do you think, which aspect can be better in Elixir than in Java when in comes to a regular app?
Let’s imagine application, that has to scrap data from a website with job offers (do some operation on data, save to DB and send to client) - will Elixir perform better than Java with let’s say 1k requests per sec?

Probably concurrency is easier to achieve with Elixir…

I recently supervised a bachelor thesis about the implementation of a protocol stack in Elixir.

A comparison to an existing C-implementation was part of the work and very interesting.
Readability (clear flow, declarative to the point that you could just write off parts of the industry norm into code) and testability were far better with Elixir.

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Thank you one more time!
Do you have any other ideas? :slight_smile:


What distinguishes Elixir and all other languages in the BEAM ecosystem is the BEAM runtime, and it’s guarantees for building reliable concurrent, distributed and fault-tolerant systems. This comes not as an afterthought, but instead as a requirement of Ericsson when asked Joe to design the language.

As far as I am aware the BEAM may be the only language designed from scratch with this things as a requirement.

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