Media Uploading In Elixir

Hey Everyone!

Today i was trying to upload the media using waffle. It is storing in my DB without any hurdle. But its a REST API I don’t want to use the bucket option so is there any way to upload the media to somewhere else which is free of cost instead of saving in Local.

Hey @Alia

Can you elaborate on this? Most cloud storage providers have a free tier which is going to be one of the more efficient ways to store files for free.

@benwilson512 i wanna say that i need to build two rest API’s.
One to upload the media. and other to get that media. But how i can get that without storing into cloud ?
One way is to upload the files on S3 which is paid and its a bucket thing we need to create bucket for it.

can you please share that clouds that are free to upload the images and also compatible with elixir ?

AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Digital Ocean Spaces, CloudFlare R2, etc. These all have APIs, and you can call those APIs from Elixir either with a dedicated library or just a regular HTTP client. These all have a “free tier” which means that as long as you use less than X gigabytes, you won’t pay anything.

EDIT: Where is your service currently deployed, or where do you plan to deploy it?

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i didn’t deployed it yet. Planning to deploy it on Heroku.

Heroku is pretty much almost dead already (they’ll be severely limiting or removing their free tier very soon) so I’d strongly recommend you stay away.

What @benwilson512 listed are all very good options. Consider one of them instead.