Meet Elixir - by Jose Valim (Pluralsight)


Found some days ago:


Have you seen them? What are they like Denis?


Yes, I am studying it now. Almost complete.
There is a free trial.

Course is based on old version of Elixir, but it is rather interesting - you have errors and you must solve it :slight_smile:


how old is the version used in that tutorial?


0.8.3 dev, but I can help in this thread if you will have any issues :slight_smile:


I personally don’t like it, Jose talks a bit too complicated, and as a beginner it just made things more confuse.


Yes, this video is not for cold start. But it is really good after Introducing Elixir


I don’t have the book at this moment, might give it a try later, thank you!


Hi @josevalim! Any plans to update this course?


Nope. :slight_smile: It wasn’t really a course. It was mostly an interview + pair programming.


Can I use it today?


Probably not, it is 5 years old, before Elixir was even 1.0.