Members of the Month - 2017

Working in open source software or helping others on platforms like forums and chat rooms can often be a thankless task. Sometimes, going out of your way to recognise someone’s efforts or to thank them can not only be greatly appreciated, but genuinely inspiring.

You’ve probably noticed there is a fantastic spirit of appreciation within the Elixir community. It stems from José himself; I’m sure many of you have already witnessed the love hearts he’s now famous for in Github pull requests :purple_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart: :heart:

I’d really like for us to honour this culture of appreciation on the forum, hence introducing this scheme.

Every month I will personally select (perhaps with the help of past MOTM) two members who I believe have gone above and beyond in helping either the forum itself, such as by moderating/house-keeping of threads/wikis etc (which anyone at Trust Level 3 can do btw) or by helping members directly, either via their threads, or by writing Wiki’s or other guides and info. Sometimes this may even extend to those who are taking the time to post interesting and thought-provoking topics for discussion; If it feels like someone has made an effort to make this forum the best it can be, I think it would be great for us to recognise and reward them. Not only will they be listed in this thread, but each MOTM will also receive a gift - a Pragprog-published ebook of their choice :gift:

Selections won’t be based on just the previous months activity. Apart from it not allowing enough time to really gauge a member’s activity or intent, it would mean missing members who have done a great deal to help the forum in the past - and I really don’t want to miss them! So these awards will be somewhat back-dated… where we’ll begin by taking a short trip down memory lane.

I hope you’ll all enjoy the MOTM scheme and I hope none of you will be offended if I miss you. Traditionally MOTM schemes recognise a single member a month - but I knew that wouldn’t be enough - so have opted for two… that’s 24 forum members a year! :tada: (I hope all of the giveaways and discounts we have organised for you will somewhat make up for any shortcomings :sweat_smile:)

Right… let’s get started.

(If you would not like to be considered for MOTM, please PM me to let me know.)


Members of the Month - January.

@Nobbz & @Sashaafm

Both Norbert and Sasha have been here since day one - and they got stuck in straight away as well! For some time, Norbert was actually our go to Elixir and Erlang thread-answerer :lol: and he’s done a stellar job since despite having to cope with a new addition to the family as well as studying and now working full time!

Similarly, Sasha spent a lot of time finding resources, blog posts, videos and pod casts to post in the associated threads on the forum. This is actually incredibly time-consuming, I know because I was doing this myself before Sasha offered to help out.

It will come as no surprise to you that both are also Mods and both have spent a lot of time behind the scenes on all manner of things :smiley:

Thank you Norbert and Sasha - worthy Members of the Month January 2017 :023:


Members of the Month - February

@benwilson512 & @sasajuric

Many of you will already know Ben and Saša - because they may well have helped you or participated in your discussions on the forum :003:

Both Ben and Saša arrived on the forum around the time José posted a note on ELT asking members to check out this forum. I think it’s fair to say they took to the forum like ducks to water as they spent a huge amount of time getting involved with discussions and perhaps more importantly, helping all of you with your questions and queries.

Ben is also on the Mod team so also does a lot of mod stuff that many of you don’t see :slight_smile: Saša was actually offered a mod position too, but his schedule was too hectic (he’s the author of Elixir In Action in case you didn’t know :lol:)

Thank you Ben and Saša - worthy Members of the Month :023:


Members of the Month - March

@hubertlepicki & @mkunikow

This month we have two members who have been here from day one :003:

Both Hubert and Michal joined when the forum first started and have been consistently active since. They bring quite different things to the table - Hubert offers a lot of help and advice in topics regarding all things Elixir, and Michal helps push the conversation forward in a more broader sense, drawing on his experience in other languages.

Being a MOTM isn’t just about answering Elixir related questions - it’s about adding something of value and supporting the community as a whole. Sometimes (often!?) that means helping with topics that are not directly about Elixir, but which an Elixir programmer may well encounter in their day to day life, whether that’s to do with production infrastructure, front end technologies, or even off-topic stuff that helps forge relationships or lets us kick off our shoes every now and again.

Thank you Hubert and Michal :023:


It’s that time of the month again… and in case you didn’t see the announcement, starting this month we have four Members of the Month :003: and so to make life easier for myself I will keep things short and sweet :lol:

Our Members of the Month for April are:


As most of you will know, all of the above have been spending quite a bit of time helping you on the forum; @michalmuskala and @bitwalker in their respective areas of expertise, Ecto and Deployment, and more generally @Qqwy and @OvermindDL1 who are also both moderators :003:

They are prime examples of what makes a good community member; those taking time out to help or engage with other members in a positive and meaningful way.

Thank you all - very well deserved :023:


Members of the Month - May


Again this month we have four notable members of the month :003:

Starting with Andrei, a prolific poster meaning there’s a good chance he’s participated in and added something of value to one of your threads. Next, we have Eric who is not only an Elixir Core Team member but also the person behind Hex - yet he still manages to spend time on the forum to help you out. Aaron will also be familiar to many of you since he’s been active on the forum and helping many of you with your questions. Not only that, he’s also been spreading the word about the forum… helping bring new people to the community and the language. Matt on the other hand, may not be quite as well known. But sometimes, a single post can have a profound effect on the rest of us - like his feedback on Pragprog’s recent book, which, has been taken on board, helping shape the book into one that will be better for us all in the long run.

Thank you this month’s MOTM :023:


Members of the Month - June


Four more worthy Members of the Month :003:

Many of you will have encountered @peerreynders and @Eiji on the forum as they are both regular posters, @peerreynders also keeps our Coupons & Discounts thread updated whenever there’s a sale or bargain going on - something many of us appreciate :slight_smile:

@gregvaughn has been with us since the early days and in that time has spent a fair bit of time in threads - he’s also a mod so helps out as and when he can behind the scenes :slight_smile:

A bit newer to the forum, @griffinbyatt has been discovering vulnerabilities with Elixir and Phoenix and is also author of Sobelow, which is a security-focused static analysis tool for Phoenix - as you can see from the thread and the initial discussion, it’s quickly become a popular tool with forum members.

Well done all of this months MOTM :023:


Members of the Month - July


Another four fantastically helpful members up for MOTM :003:

@idi527 @DianaOlympos @bobbypriambodo have all been highly active in helping with many of your questions and queries on the forum over the last year or so :slight_smile:

Thank you all - very well deserved! :023:


Members of the Month - August


Another great set of rmembers who have been consistently active and helpful for this month’s MOTM :003:

Thank you all - very well deserved! :023:


Members of the Month - September


This month I got our Mods to give me a hand in selecting members based on activity and helpfulness - I think they’ve come up with a great list :003:

Well done and thank you to this month’s MOTMs :023:


Members of the Month - October


Thank you to this month’s MOTMs who’ve been helping out on the forums or adding something of value to the community by their interaction on the forum in some way :003:

Well done all :023:


Members of the Month - November


Thank you to all of this month’s MOTMs each of which have been helping out on the forums or adding something of value to the community by their interaction on the forum in some way or another :003:

Well done! :023:


Members of the Month - December


A bumper month! :003: well done all!

With the final MOTM of the year we have selected 7 members. Hopefully many of our most active/helpful members have now received a MOTM :slight_smile: if you’ve been active and helpful but didn’t quite make it, don’t worry, there’s always next year :lol:

Thank you everyone, whether you received a MOTM or not - it’s thanks to active members like you who help others and post interesting discussions that makes this forum stand out from the crowd :023:


Updated for February :023:


Updated for March :023:

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