"Mentoring" match maker? maybe MVP

Hi everyone,

I am toying with the idea of building a “match maker” for giving personal help to people that wants to start coding.

I started to mentor a “junior” developer recently and I had this “idea”.
It does not even to be tech help sometimes. Motivation or tips that more experienced (in time) devs have collected during their career.

Is there already some “building kit” for social networks/match makers or could you drop some links to do some research?

I was even thinking just to start to collect skills + emails by using some form service online and associate them.
What do you think?



Check out Exercism for inspiration! I use it now to learn how to code elixir, and I’m super happy with it.
Love the idea of getting matched with a certain kind of mentor.

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Hey @vildeserina yes! Exercism is very good!
I prepared a google form to kick-start the Code Tandem initiative!

If we will collect at least few matches, most probably we will develop a small application :tada: (in Elixir, of course!)

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This is the linkedin post btw

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