Merging of pdf documents

Hello All,

I need to merge multiple pdf documents into single one, using their urls.
Is there any way, we can merge the content of multiple pdf url without actually downloading them into local.

Please help


I think that the simplest way to solve this problem is using GenStage — gen_stage v1.1.0 to build a solution, and use it to orchestrate calls to pdftk through GitHub - gutschilla/elixir-pdf-generator: Create PDFs with wkhtmltopdf or puppeteer/chromium from Elixir.

Do you mean doing it in memory? Or are you looking for a 3rd party service that can do that for you?

I think the best PDF tools are not native to Elixir so you cannot share the memory with them.

You could build a small Ruby service with HexaPDF gem and call it from Elixir.