Message Board Package for Phoenix/Elixir?

Has anyone written a package that allows message board functionality to be easily added to a Phoenix project? I searched on but did not find anything promising. Having said that, I may simply not know what to search for.

I’m pretty sure that no one has written such a library, at least I’ve never heard of one.

There was Firestorm but development seems to have stopped, and I don’t know if it supported embedding into another project easily.

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I’m working on one myself using LiveView, but it is still in development. Hopefully within a month or so, I will share the first public release on this forum - so keep an eye out!

EDIT: Did not mean to post this as a reply to Nicd, my apologies.


I look forward to seeing what you are working on!

How is your message board project going?

Base functionality is done, but I’ve stopped working on it (and all my personal projects) to focus on finding a full-time development position, which has been a circle of hell for me the past 8 months, and I’ve had to go back to picking up small freelance projects just to make ends meet. I might end up dropping Elixir altogether (after three years of ONLY doing Elixir), because there is just no demand for Elixir devs in the United States.

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Sorry to hear that. Incidentally, if there is no demand in the USA, where is demand for Elixir developers?

I’ve noticed most job postings here on the Elixir forum generally follow a theme:
Senior-level only

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