Microsoft is acquiring GitHub

Lots of people not thrilled with this news… what about you? :101:


Time will tell, life is too short to get stressed over what may happen. Lucky for us, alternatives like Gitlab exist.


It’s not only just alternative. It’s a even much better service for me, because for example it allows to create private repositories for free and its open source project.


… in the future actually read and understand all changes to Github’s terms of service and use.

If I remember correctly Microsoft Office’s terms actually try to stop you from using Office apps to produce content that is critical of Microsoft (if that is actually true, I don’t know how enforceable it is).


Ever since Satya Nadella took over as CEO, my opinion of Microsoft has started to improve. I’m not to the point that I think this is great news, but I don’t necessarily think it’s bad news. Microsoft has open sourced a lot of their technologies recently and contributed to a lot of open source. I’m in the firm, I’ll wait and see camp.


Better Microsoft, than Google, or Apple, or Facebook, or Oracle… the list of ors is really long…


Maybe it’s a good thing, at least for people using M$ services, like Azure, for us that don’t use it’s tools I think GitHub will continue to server as good as it is. Still is a bit sad but in the end it is just another private company providing a service. At least is a company established that nowadays is having a better image than the others.

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If it was Oracle, we were already getting notified that we got sued LOL


I believe Microsoft has earned the benefit of doubt. At the same time, I believe that this is a nudge big enough to give alternatives a proper evaluation. I have imported a few of my projects to GitLab and BitBucket, and will be trying them out extensively over the coming weeks.


I don’t think so that Microsoft is so “bad” any more. Microsoft only cares about Cloud - Azure.

Any way lucky there is also Bitbucket and Gitlab :slight_smile:


Well it happened:

It’s not something that will impact me directly as I self-host my repos on our server. Deploying is as easy as:

git .
git commit -am "update desc"
git push
cap deploy

I’ve always wondered why more people don’t self-host their repos?

If anyone is interested in doing so, I’m pretty sure I followed the info in the Git book:


Just pretending I were an open source maintainer who wants to encourage contributions, I really can understand why github, gitlab and others are loved.

  • I do not need to maintain the server
  • I do not need to take care of account holders data (GDPR and stuff…)
  • I can (relatively) safely assume that potential contributors already have an account on github, which massively decreases the hurdle to start contributing to my project.

Yep very true, though I was more curious about people’s own personal or company repos :slight_smile:

Time to move to gitlab/bitbucket then.

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Weill, my company does host on a self hosted gitlab instance.

For my personal stuff I use hosted gitlab, mostly because I really like the fully integrated experience.

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Issue trackers, wiki’s, travis, etc… etc…

Heck, I still have my old SVN server running, but I’ve been using github for most of my recent stuff because of those nice bits… >.>

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That plus availability, backups, 2FA etc… One less piece to maintain. Self hosting often sounds easy but with updates maintenance etc. it often isn’t. You really don’t want everyone to lose access to the repos.

Also we’ve developed a mono culture - everybody knows and uses github. As mentioned before all services integrate with it…


For github I actually think it will end up positive since there were rumors of their culture going downhill and probably need a fresh boost for development. Microsoft isn’t so bad in that regard probably. Life will go on just like for linkedin and they will have a light touch likely.

But I still want to leave the service. It’s a conflict of interest as far as I can tell for a wide reaching microsoft company and in some of our cases competitor to have that data and who knows what extra insights on our (sometimes private) projects. It’s a very long term concern but to me it just only makes half sense for MS to own that and half seems just bizarre. Wish I had a better way to say what I’m thinking but hopefully the gist of it is there. To me it’s just not a move I totally feel like trusting and doesn’t feel like a natural fit. Going to keep an open mind and see though


Yeah this is how I feel about it, it could so easily go so wrong so very fast, they will have to try to keep ‘good’.


That’s exactly why I will leave them and will not host private projects there (already have paid subscription, I’ll just let it expire and won’t renew it). All corporations nowadays strive to become big centralized data silos and I am very, VERY not okay with that.