Mid or Senior Software Engineer (Elixir) - Remote (US only)

Introductory paragraph

Come work at Prescribe FIT, a high-growth, early-stage Healthcare IT / Remote Patient Monitoring startup. You’d be building out new features in Elixir with Phoenix and LiveView, and helping real people make huge changes to their life!

About us

My name: Peter Mueller
My position: Sr. Software Engineer
Company name: Prescribe FIT
Website: https://prescribefit.com/
Country: USA
Company info and history:

  • Remote Patient Monitoring and health coaching Healthcare startup
  • Powered by LiveView/Surface and an Elixir API for our mobile apps
  • Started as just more fitness focused but we evolved/pivoted a few years ago and now partner with practices to provide health coaching w/ a focus on lifestyle change that is paid for by insurance

About the job

Job title: Software Engineer
Job description:
Salary range: $90k-120k/yr for Mid, Sr. depends on experience
Position on remote work:

  • Anywhere in US or its territories (HIPAA/HITECH requirement)
  • Must already be able to work in US (Citizen or Visa, we unfortunately aren’t set up to sponsor at the moment)
  • If you want to work onsite, our office is in Columbus, OH, USA

Qualifications or experience required:

  • Production Elixir experience

What the successful job applicant will be working on:

  • Our main application, in Elixir, using LiveView+Surface for the UX, and Phoenix for the API
  • Pairing periodically with a mobile-focused software engineer on our new React Native app
  • sometimes the Express-API, and Angular apps that we’re actively deprecating
  • analytics reports w/ Ecto, and eventually some form of analytics infrastructure
  • maybe eventually some native desktop apps (elixir-desktop) for internal employees

About the interview process

  • Informational interview w/ hiring manager (VP of Eng.)
  • Take-home project, capped at 4-8 hours (currently. may swap for a shorter pairing interview)
  • 1 hr. panel interview/presentation with dev team + CEO
  • Follow-up within 24 hours, decision within 7 days
  • Feedback from applicant appreciated, and available from interviewers if desired

Further info

Please apply here (https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2777198632/) where you can also find a more full description.

Feel free to DM me, or email me at: peter@prescribefit.com and I can answer candidly any questions about the company or role, or if you’d rather just the get interview process started, you can apply from the link above, or email the VP of Engineering, Jon Canady, at jon@prescribefit.com
(If using protonmail, please just DM for now. Our spam filter is a jerk and keeps mailer-daemoning instead of Quarantining things from protonmail)

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We’ve filled one of the positions, but we still have openings :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, updates! (because I can’t find, or am unable to edit the top post :smiley:)

LinkedIn was being a bother
e.g. we didn’t close applications, we just didn’t want to renew the posting, and instead are focusing on sponsored Elixir Radar posts and the like.

We’re still working on a better/permanent “Hiring” platform (might do ApplyToJob)
In the meantime, please continue to reach out over DM here or the Elixir Slack, or email.

This is now $110k-130k/yr for Mid.
Sr. still depends on experience, but it also went up and is typical for the market

This is no longer a hard requirement.
We give preference to folks with production experience, but so long as you’re interested and willing to learn we’d love to talk to you. We mainly just have to balance people who can mentor in Elixir with people who are new, and thankfully we’ve been able to relax this requirement.

We threw out this interview process. No take-home.
From applicant feedback, and internal discussion we realized the take-home only helps determine if you can mix phx.new and then either cram a bunch of crap in as fast as possible, or implement TDD, or etc.
It did not actually tell us what we wanted which was your thought-process in the moment, which is what we care about. It also gave almost NO help in determining “seniority” (ugh, weird term).

So, new approach (there’s a script/document, but that’s overkill, so I’m just writing this out from memory) :

About the interview process

  • (Optional) Reach out to me or someone if you want a “non-hiring-manager”/“what’s it like” chat
  • Informational interview w/ hiring manager (VP of Eng., ~30 min.)
  • Pairing Session with a Sr. dev on a small, but not “mindless” problem (1-2 hr, not sure yet)
    • Can be your own project, open-source, other languages, whatever
    • If you don’t have a project in mind:
      • we can suggest an open-source one, or
      • we can pair on a fun internal project (it’s a basic in-memory-store URL shortener :grin:)
        • honestly, unless you really want to do some OSS, this will probably be the most fun. I have a lot of silly/fun ideas for this (e.g. an authed LV page that throws confetti whenever someone clicks a link you added)
    • please, make sure it’s complex enough that it can showcase your thought-process, but not so complex you can’t make some headway during the session
      • also, don’t stress over doing an OSS thing, that’s so you can have something to show off publicly either way since we’re not big enough to afford to pay people for their pairing interview
  • 1 hr. panel interview/presentation with dev team + CEO
  • Follow-up within 24 hours, decision within 7 days
  • Feedback from applicant appreciated, and available from interviewers if desired
    • this is where we want a better “hiring” platform, but Lever is :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

Hope to hear from you :wave:t2:


Updated job listing site, and method for applying if you don’t want to cold-email :smiley:

Role Openings Update
We’ve hired 1 Senior (just started) and 1 Mid (starting soon), and still have openings for another Senior, and another Mid or potentially a “Junior” (don’t like that term, but that level of experience) depending on timing with onboarding the 2nd Senior role.

Interview Updates

  1. For the pairing interview option, we can offer more flexible pairing times. I’m EST and if you need, I can do a pairing session outside of typical work hours, just please only request if you wouldn’t be able to do it during the day.
  2. If you still want to do the take-home, you can, it’s just more difficult for us to assess in a way that is fair to whatever circumstances may arise. Even if you’re not interested in applying, if you’re reading this and have suggestions for an interview structure, let me know
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