Mid & Senior Elixir Developers - Crosschq/TalentWall, Remote USA or Latin America

TalentWall (part of Crosschq) is building the future of recruiting software and data-driven hiring.

About us

My name: Nick Urban
My position: VP Engineering
Company name: TalentWall (part of Crosschq)
Company website: https://talentwall.io (https://crosschq.com)
Company headquarters (country): USA
Company info and history: We have

About the job

We are looking for mid-to-senior Elixir developers, but senior developers who want to learn Elixir and have a background in Ruby or functional programming are welcome to apply.

Job title: Mid and Senior Elixir Developer
Job description: We have both back-end and full-stack (Phx LiveView) roles
Salary range: competitive, good benefits
Position on remote work: We are entirely remote. We currently have people in USA and Argentina.
Qualifications or experience required: Should have several years of experience working on production Elixir (or related language) projects.

Go here to apply: Crosschq