Mid/Senior Elixir Engineer - Blitz, Los Angeles, Remote Worldwide

Introductory paragraph

Hello, my name is Alan Vardy, and I am the Tech Lead on Blitz’s Backend team. We are seeking a senior and mid-level engineer to help us build more great things.

Senior Job Posting:

Mid-level Job Posting:

About us

My name: Alan Vardy
My position: Tech Lead / Senior Developer
Company name: Blitz
Company website: https://blitz.gg
Company headquarters (country): Los Angeles (USA)
Company info and history:

Blitz.gg is a rapidly growing gaming startup that focuses on delivering the best gaming experience for our users. Blitz is horizontally scaling our Elixir backend team to empower more gamers across more games! Join a small, self-motivated, autonomous team that continuously deploys code to millions of active users daily, optimizes the organization’s global goals and the daily software delivery process. Help extend a modular, well-encapsulated backend architecture to several new games while ensuring availability and scalability. Operate independently with Elixir and Postgres on production at scale and collaborate on interesting challenges. Our backend system digests and serves 10s of TB of data daily with over 500k database operations per second.

About the job

Job title: Mid/Senior Elixir Engineer
Job description: Communicate effectively with others, write lots of Elixir, ship to production, solve problems, and help Blitz grow. See the job posting and details below.
Salary range: US 110 - 170k/yr
Qualifications or experience required: 1-5 years with Elixir (see job posting above)
What the successful job applicant will be working on:

  • Close to 100 nodes clustered together on Google Cloud, communicating with erpc
  • A mono repo app that is all Elixir.
  • Riak, Redis, and Postgres for caching and storage.
  • No Kubernetes, MongoDB, or Jira.
  • A great CI pipeline and test suite that allows us to deploy multiple times a day
  • GraphQL APIs, which are accessed by a React front end.
  • Job processing pipelines running on Oban or GenStage.
  • A CMS powered by Phoenix LiveView
  • Many other services, such as Auth, Search, Analytics etc.

The team:

  • Likes working asynchronously and autonomously.
  • Uses Dialyzer, Credo, Doctor, and CodeCov to reduce bike-shedding and automate as much toil as possible.
  • Deploys multiple times daily, using trunk-based development practices and Kanban.
  • Uses Linear and Slack
  • Cares about documentation

Position on remote work

Remote job: yes (the entire backend team is remote, and there is an office in Los Angeles as well.)
Remote restrictions: The work day must mostly overlap with the Pacific timezone.
Remote leeway: We hire internationally, and most of the backend team is in Canada.
Any other notes about your position on remote work: None

About the interview process

  • Initial screen with a recruiter
  • Cultural interview with Engineering Manager
  • Take-home assignment
  • Technical interview (no live coding)

Further info

I’ll check in on the forum periodically; feel free to ask questions publically or privately.


Hi @alanvardy Although it says Remote Worldwide I’ve noticed a restriction to work from Los Angeles and US visa to work… I’ve applied anyway because “Remote Worldwide”.


Hi Alan,

The post here mentions “Remote Worldwide”, but when you visit the post on Greenhouse, it seems it has a restriction for LA only. Is this something you could clarify? I mean folks can apply anyway, but clarifying it would reduce the noise on your end, and save some time for folks that are looking to find a job and send out quite a few applications a week.



Hello, yes, there is a disconnect there. The entire backend team is remote, and we have many people outside the USA (I’m in Canada, for example). The HR team added the Los Angeles part because they will give some preference to candidates in the Los Angeles area. Go ahead and apply for the position if you are interested and able to work in PST hours.


Quick update: I have been getting many questions and think I should address some of them publicly!

I am not in charge of the hiring process and cannot influence the process outside of the one technical interview I conduct if you pass the preceding ones. I’m not available for video calls outside of those interviews. We haven’t hired anyone yet, and if you are interested and want to know more I suggest you submit an application above!

I’m sorry that I am not able to make myself more available but I have to make sure that I protect my time with family and at work.