Mid & Senior Elixir Engineers - BBC, UK

We build applications offering product-based business logic routing to serve most BBC products. This is for usual high traffic patterns and high load events and deal with resilience, caching, availability and scalability.

We are solving the problem of making routing as simple as possible whilst offering real-time updates and business logic features.

We are looking at extending our team with Mid and Senior Engineers.

About us

My name: Ettore Berardi

My position: Tech Lead

Company name: BBC

Website: https://www.bbc.co.uk

Country: UK

Company info and history:
The BBC is the highest traffic website in the UK and one of the biggest in the world. We use Elixir to route millions of requests per hour to our backend services, providing a performant and highly available resiliency layer for most of the BBC web traffic.

About the job

Job title:
Mid & Senior Software Engineer

Job description:
You will work in high-traffic high-resilience solution in Elixir.
You will be using AWS services to provide scalability.
You will build and use tools to monitor and diagnose our live applications.

Salary range:

Position on remote work:
Very flexible, we work remotely and also have offices in Glasgow, London, Manchester and Cardiff. The candidate should be resident in the UK.

Qualifications or experience required:
Experience with Elixir, experience with AWS.

What the successful job applicant will be working on:
Working on the problems of high load, high availability, resilience, scalability for usual load and important events. Our application is relied upon by many internal teams to build for their products.

You’ll see your contribution go live with with millions of people using it daily.

We work a lot with other teams in many locations. There may be an opportunity to work on something cross-cutting or more than a single team.

You’ll get 10% time every fortnight to work on new ideas to make things easier or innovate for the team.

About the interview process:

|> cv()
|> informal_chat()
|> coding_test()
|> interview()

Further info
Please drop me an email (ettore.berardi [AT] bbc.co.uk) or just apply at