Minor emacs warning in ubuntu install

I noticed this error scroll by as I tried the ubuntu install instructions on ubuntu 20:

Unpacking esl-erlang (1:25.0.1-1) ...
Setting up erlang-mode (1:24.3.3-1) ...
ERROR: erlang-mode is broken - called emacs-package-install as a new-style add-on, but has no compat file.
Install emacsen-common for emacs
emacsen-common: Handling install of emacsen flavor emacs
Install erlang-mode for emacs
Install erlang-mode for emacs
Setting up libsctp1:amd64 (1.0.18+dfsg-1) ...

It doesn’t impact me, but I thought I should note it somewhere. I don’t currently have an active Github user, so I didn’t report it in the elixir-lang.org github repo issues.

This has been discussed previously here with some workarounds mentioned. This seems to be an issue with the Erlang package for Debian (and Ubuntu since it’s a derivative of Debian). So I would report it to the package maintainer as it’s not an issue with Elixir itself.