Missing log entries Logger

Hi everyone,
I’ve an application in production- I noticed from time to time there’s a missing log entry when I check the log files. I’m not sure what the issue could be. Thanks.

Which Elixir version? Could you provide more information? What log messages are missing, what is your logger configuration?

  1. Elixir v1.9.2
  2. Logger configuration in config/config.exs -

config :logger, :console,
format: “$date $time $metadata[$level] $message\n”,
metadata: [:request_id]

  1. config/releases.exs

config :logger, level: :info

I log api calls and database operations like inserting and updating.

I think that the log messages are being discarded.
I’ve peruse the log files but can’t find any log to indicate that messages are being discarded.
Any assistance will be most welcomed.