mix command for creating new file with module in existing project


A complete beginner question, probably there is no such need :slight_smile:

I was playing with my first elixir app, then I decided to split my module into two files,
I don’t want to create a file by hand, don’t want to modify any mix file, I want to have the boiler plate code created by mix “new”. So my question is, how can I add a new file to my existing app via mix?

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You cannot, because that is not a job for Mix. Why you have such aversion to creating such file on your own? You can always configure your editor to handle boilerplate for you if you want. I have configured Vim to do so with ease, I believe that your editor also has such capabilities, and if not, then there is probably extension that will provide such functionality.


Out of curiosity. Are you willing to share that vim functionality? Would love to add that as well

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Thanks, I like the test code and the docstring templates that it provides,
I didn’t want to break the pattern by introducing files manually and
but correct, I guess I need to find a nice snippet plugin for my taste :slight_smile:

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It is available in the PR to the Elixir support plugin

@yetkin I still do not get what is the problem. What kind of docstrings? When you create new module then there is no functions, so there is no docstrings for anything.